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 High-Performance Static CMOS Technology
 Includes the T320C2xLP Core CPU
 TMS320F206 is a Member of the
TMS320C20x Generation, Which Also
Includes the TMS320C203, and
TMS320C209 Devices
 Instruction-Cycle Time 50 ns @ 5 V
 Source Code Compatible With TMS320C25
 Upwardly Code-Compatible With
TMS320C5x Devices
 Three External Interrupts
 TMS320F206 Integrated Memory:
– 544 × 16 Words of On-Chip Dual-Access
Data RAM
– 32K × 16 Words of On-Chip Flash
Memory (EEPROM)
– 4K × 16 Words of On-Chip Single-Access
Program/Data RAM
 224K × 16-Bit Maximum Addressable
External Memory Space
– 64K Program
– 64K Data
– 64K Input/Output (I/O)
– 32K Global
 32-Bit ALU/Accumulator
 16 × 16-Bit Multiplier With a 32-Bit Product
 Block Moves from Data and Program
 TMS320F206 Peripherals:
– On-Chip 16-Bit Timer
– On-Chip Software-Programmable
Wait-State (0 to 7) Generator
– On-Chip Oscillator
– On-Chip Phase-Locked Loop (PLL)
– Six General-Purpose I/O Pins
– Full-Duplex Asynchronous Serial Port
– Enhanced Synchronous Serial Port
(ESSP) With Four-Level-Deep FIFOs
 Input Clock Options
– Options – Multiply-by-One, -Two, or -Four
and Divide-by-Two
 Support of Hardware Wait States
 Power Down IDLE Mode
 IEEE 1149.1†-Compatible Scan-Based
 100-Pin Thin Quad Flat Package (TQFP)
(PZ Suffix)

TMS320F Braek Mcu Chip Attack Mcu Copy Ic Crack Cpld
The TMS320F206 Texas Instruments (TI) digital signal processor (DSP) is fabricated with static CMOS
integrated-circuit technology, and the architectural design is based upon that of the TMS320C20x series,
optimized for low-power operation. The combination of advanced Harvard architecture, on-chip peripherals,
on-chip memory, and a highly specialized instruction set is the basis of the operational flexibility and speed of
the ’F206.
The ’F206 offers these advantages:
 32K  16 words on-chip flash EEPROM reduces system cost and facilitates prototyping
 Enhanced TMS320 architectural design for increased performance and versatility
 Advanced integrated-circuit processing technology for increased performance
 ’F206 devices are pin- and code-compatible with ’C203 devices.
 Source code for the ’F206 DSP is software-compatible with the ’C1x and ’C2x DSPs and is upwardly
compatible with fifth-generation DSPs (’C5x)
 New static-design techniques for minimizing power consumption and increasing radiation tolerance

TMS320F Braek Mcu Chip Attack Mcu Copy Ic Crack Cpld
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