We located in the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, which is regarded as Chinese Silicon Valley. All the senior technical personnel of Beijing Technology Co. LTD have the experience working in famous Companies as professional staffs in the field of IC design and development, IC failure analysis and IC reverse, the research and development of MCU and DSP and other digital control systems. We mainly work on IC reverse analysis such as chip crack, MCU attack, DSP reverse...
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  • St semicon

      The worlds leading semiconductor suppliers and ARM across multiple electronic applications, the worl

    St semicon

  • PIC MCU de

      The following part of the new PIC --PIC16F1947 single chip decryption program to extract the PIC18F2

    PIC MCU de

  • Principle

      Principle and development of PIC24 series single chip microcomputer Two point one CPU Module introdu


  • IC chip de

      Most senior experts focus on chip decryption, difficult to crack in the chip, Fujitsu series, Motoro

    IC chip de

  • Fast algor

      Because of the need to work, to achieve open radical operation in scm. Currently open square method

    Fast algor