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About Us

We located in the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, which is regarded as Chinese Silicon Valley. All the senior technical personnel of Beijing Technology Co. LTD have the experience working in famous Companies as professional staffs in the field of IC design and development, IC failure analysis and IC reverse, the research and development of MCU and DSP and other digital control systems.

We mainly work on IC reverse analysis such as microcontroller decryption, chip crack, MCU attack, DSP reverse. The chip decryption department professionally handles the work of microcontroller reverse, chip decryption, GAL logic circuit crack, CPLD crack, recovery of microcode, this department also transfer chip ,IC design ,decryption knowledge and technology to Peers and lovers engaged in this field.

Microcontroller Chip Copy, MCU decryption, and break fixing have become one of the most critical things for the organizations using these components. The decision of choosing the appropriate MCU copy service is thus very critical and important. One must ensure that he/she is connected only to the best of the services.

And, luckily you have come to the right place in search of the perfect MCU copy in UK. We at SST MCU decryption focus on providing high-quality services in order to make a trustworthy relationship with our customers.

Being from the Chinese Silicon Valley we have been providing classic MCU copy UK services. We assure you that once you get connected to us you will be delighted to work with us more and more.

Major services offered by us are:

  • IC reverse analysis/ Microcontroller decryption
  • Chip Crack /MCU Attack
  • DSP Reverse/ Chip Decryption etc

We use the latest trend and technologies to give our customers the best of all. From the top quality IC chip decryption and MCU copy UK services to SCM decryption you will get here everything you need.

So, connect to us today and let us help you out with the best MCU and related solutions.

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