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Most senior experts focus on chip decryption, difficult to crack in the chip, Fujitsu series, Motorola series, Freescale Carle Freescale series, Xilinx series (XC95144, XC9572, XC9536), C8051 series, TI series (MSP430F series, TMS320 Series), STC series (89 series, 11 series, 12 series, 10 series), SST series, PIC series, AT88 series, CYPRESS series, DALLAS series, PHILIPS series, Lattice series, Altera series, MITSUBISHI series, Renesas series, Xinmao SYNCMOS series (the old and the new version), DSP series chip with the shock of the price advantage and success rate. Proficient in industrial control equipment and game board cloning and copying. Rich experience in the chip decryption, quality and price is absolutely guaranteed. We always adhere to the "first-class technology, good reputation, good service" business principles, with "sincerity, enthusiasm, dedication, dedication, perfect" spirit of enterprise service to every customer! Our pursuit is "fine +"! To explore the technical field of others are not, and constantly improve their own technical service qualities, let more people achieve short-term dreams of riches.

At present, including the main areas we are involved: SCM (MCU decryption decryption), special IC decryption, decryption chip, PLD chip decryption, CPLD chip decryption, microcontroller development service, the design of embedded system software and hardware, chip design, hardware system design, software system design and software decryption (decryption only the legitimacy of all the legal liability disputes are borne by the other party, I shall not be responsible), lost data or foreign enterprise SCM SCM advanced design ideas for the domestic and foreign electronic enterprises to provide technical support, we have a professional, dedicated service spirit, adhere to the market demand, customer requirements oneself, treat each customer as partners, relying on advanced technology, excellent team and modern management as soon as possible to provide customers with the most New market information and best service, in order to win and customers to achieve a win-win situation for the pursuit of the goal.

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