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SCM after decryption provides several print

We provide the general sample number is provided to the customer base on our number one that provide customers with N tablets, we provide N+1 samples.

The reasons for this quantity are as follows:

  • A: is the sample cost, some 1 pieces of chip ten yuan (such as a EPM7128 to 65 yuan);
  • B: some customers need only 3 to 4, the program will not need so he got the samples after, this is a loss to us.
  • C: we believe that if the customer sincerely, pay all money after the successful decryption we will send the program to you, you want to burn as much unnecessary and US sample number. Of course, there are special circumstances, such as some old customers credit can provide more than 2 tablets (but less than 4 pieces) the samples, or customers to decrypt all clear after. But if the client provides 2 samples, we will provide 3 pieces of mica, mica together to provide more customers than.
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