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St semiconductor (ST) officially joined the MBED ARM project

The world's leading semiconductor suppliers and ARM across multiple electronic applications, the world's leading semiconductor suppliers STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics, ST; New York stock exchange code: STM) jointly announced, STMicroelectronics officially joined the ARM mbed project it. The future, developers will be able to use for the development of the ARM Cortex -M series processor based on STM32 micro controller, free access to mbed software, development tools and online platform to achieve cooperation, to create a new generation of intelligent electronic product vision.

Mbed ARM is a project aimed at the development of animal Networking (IoT) industry to meet the needs of a new generation of professional developers and the establishment of industrial cooperation projects. It provides free development tools and the foundation of open source software and hardware components, to help develop innovative devices based on ARM architecture. At the same time, the project will be able to connectors, sensors, and cloud services software components and development tools to integrate more easily, for developers and partners to create a dynamic, cooperative ecosystem.

The introduction of the STM32 microcontroller series product is only $0.32, but can handle various applications from simple basic products to complete platform solutions. STM32 microcontroller series products combined with mbed platform for developers to provide software transfer functions, a variety of optional interface technology and a variety of rapid development methods, applicable to a variety of things application development.

ARM Internet of things platform director Ford Simon said: mbed project to integrate a number of leading technology companies, to promote the production of embedded devices to enhance the capacity. The reform history of the Internet and smart mobile phone makes us believe that the open source software platform, a software component can be reused by the free development and cooperation to jointly build tools, to urge biological network and intelligent equipment with hitherto unknown scale."

STMicroelectronics microcontroller market director Daniel Colonna said: "STMicroelectronics joined the mbed project, will allow developers to take advantage of different areas of the top STM32 micro controller, rapid product development and create a prototype based on STM32 microcontroller innovative products. The new support STM32 mbed microcontroller development board will be launched in the first quarter, the software and hardware to provide a consistent program to develop all kinds of equipment based on STM32 series."

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